Wednesday, 6 October 2010

ஆங்கில பேச்சு பயிற்சி-Video Excercise 3

Watch this video and pay attention to the way they engage in conversation. Incase you dont understand what they talk, read the subtitle given below and watch the video again..


Lady: Good morning

Cindy: Hello. I am Cindy Matts. What can I do for you?

Mike: Goodmorning Miss Matts. My name is Mike Danton. I stopped by today to see if I can make an appointment to meet with you.

Cindy:  Didnt you leave some phone messages?

Mike:  Yes. I have called a couple of times, hoping to speak with you

Cindy:  I appologise for not getting back to you. Its been a hectic week

Mike:  Thats why I dont want to take much of your time today. I would like to make an appointment to meet you for an hour or so.

Cindy:  You haven't told me why you want to meet Mr.Dandant.

Mike:  I represent Ad Rad. I would like to talk to you about creating an advertising campign for your business.

Cindy:  I am sorry Mr.Dandant. I am not interested in making any changes to our advertising right now. We are doing just fine.

Mike:  Thats why I wanted to talk to you, you see. Now is the best time to start advertising more aggresively.

Cindy:  And Why is that?

MIke:  Now you got something to prank about. You have grown. You are doing well. You are exporting to Europe. Thats an impressive record.

Cindy:  Damn. And we got there without any fancy advertising campaign.

Mike:  My point is that if you wait until business falls off, to think about whats lacking in your advertising, it looks like  you are in trouble.

Cindy: What makes you think that my business will falloff?

Mike:  I am not saying it will . Only then now its a time to create a positive image of your company in customers mind.
Cindy:  I am sorry Mr.Dandant. Even if I were interested in briefing up our advertising, we really couldnt afford it.

Mike:  If you look at it as an investment you will see that a pays for itself, many times over

Cindy:  I assume you can guarentee that?

Mike:  I can assure you that you wont regret working with us?

Cindy: How do you explain this success you have enjoyed so for with only minimal advertising?

Mike:  You have built a good relationship with a few good customers. I am suggesting that you let us help you to expand your customers base.

Cindy:  I am not convinced that its necessary.

Mike:  Miss. Matts there are hundreads of companys like yours. All fight for the attention of buyers. We help you get that attention.

Cindy:  And then what?

Mike:  Then you have a chance to show them what you can do

Cindy:  I dont know Mr. Dandant. We are a small company trying to control our growth.

Mike:  This give you greater control over your growth. With a broader customer base you can decide what you can do and when you can do it

Cindy:  I can do that now .

Mike:  But with only a few customers. You always run a risk of loosing one or two of them. Then you are not in control any more

Cindy:  I dont know.

Mike. If I just have an hour of your time. I could just explain what adwork can do for you if after that you still not convinced I will packup and leave you alone.
Cindy: Okay. I will give you an hour. I am not promising anything now.

Mike:  You wont regret it Miss Matts... When can we get together.


  1. நான் கட் அடிச்சிட்டு மூவி போனது, தெரிஞ்சுட்டா மேடம்? பெஞ்ச் மேல ஏறி நின்னுக்கிட்டே இன்னைக்கு கிளாஸ் கவனிக்கிறேன்.

  2. Ha ha.,Like Chitra commments

    But one thing for yr kind attn mam that i am good girl(ok ok lady!) and like keen to watch yr class as well

  3. Forget to tell you one thing about yr post

    Nice post Ms.Sunitha

  4. ரீச்சர் இந்த வீடியோவை என்னால் இப்ப பார்க்க முடியாது கோபிக்கக் கூடாது...

  5. Hi chithra,
    ஒழுங்கா பெஞ்ச் ல உக்கார்ந்து படிச்சாலே ஒரே வெட்டி பேச்சு. இதுல நின்னுக்கிட்டு எப்படி கவனிப்பீங்க?

  6. ம.தி.சுதா சீக்கிரமா video பார்த்து english ல பிச்சு உதறுங்க

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