Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ஆங்கில பேச்சு பயிற்சி-Video Excercise 2

Watch this video and pay attention to the way they engage in conversation. Incase you dont understand what they talk, read the subtitle given below and watch the video again..


Lady: Well Meyers. How are you holding up?

Meyers: Fine... fine... I had a very interesting topic buzzled out.

Lady: Good. Now What more can I tell you about the company or the position?

Meyers: I am Pretty clear about the job itself. But I would like to know something about the company policies.

Lady: Go Ahead. Thats what I am here for

Meyers: Great. As I told you earlier, I have been doing some work on my own. Does your company have an policy on freelancing.

Lady: Yes we do. Generally we require that our employees limit freelance work to projects unrelated to the company

Meyers: Where do you draw the line?
Lady: For example giving motivational speeches is fine on the other hand developing advertising campaigns for other companies will be unacceptable

Meyers:Okay. That makes sence. You mentioned Europe earlier. Do you have an idea of how much time I would be travelling

Lady: We are expanding in to new markets. So to begin with I would expect frequent trips to europe atleast once a month

Meyers: How long will each trip lost?

Lady: I couldnt really say until we are more deeply involved.

Meyers: I am just looking for a ballpark figure? (ballpark figure means a rough estimate)

Lady: In the beginning,as you developing new accounts I would say the trips will lost from one to two weeks.

Meyers: So I would be spending half the year travelling

Lady: Thats just starting out. I would say with in 5 or 6 months we have things set up so
that you can pull back and let your subordinates handle most of the easy travel.

Meyers: That sound fine. Could we talk about benefits for a moment?

Lady: 0fcourse. Cool beans offers a full range of health benefits as well as stock options for employees.

Meyers: Is there a pension program?

Lady: No. Not a pension per-se (Latin word meaning "in itself") but we do offer a four-oh-one K (401k) plan

Meyers: Is there any matching of contributions on the companys part?

Lady: Yes upto 5 percent(%) of your salary.

Meyers: And when do the benefits kick in?

Lady: With the exception of the 401k plan, you would be eligible, the day you start working here.

Meyers: What about the 401k?

Lady: Enrollment in that is quarterly. So you would be able to enroll with in 3 months, at the most, from the date of hire.

Meyers: Okay and finally, can you tell me about your vacation policy?

Lady: Full time employees receive 2 weeks paid vacation after the first year. After 5 years it goes upto 3 weeks

Meyers: I think that answeres most of my questions

Lady: I will have Willer get you a copy of employee manual. It outlines all the benefits and explains company policies. You can review at you leasure.

Meyers: Thank you. If other questions occur to me, may I call you?

Lady: Ofcourse. Call me anytime

Meyers: Thakyou very much for your time. Will you be getting touch with me or shall I call you

Lady: We will contact you within 2 weeks

Meyers: Fine. I will look forward to hear in from you

Lady: Thanks for coming in Meyers. I have enjoyed talking to you

Meyers: I enjoyed it too. I hope to see you again. Good bye

Lady: Goodbye


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