Tuesday, 19 October 2010

ஆங்கில பேச்சு பயிற்சி-Video Excercise 4

Watch this video and pay attention to the way they engage in conversation. Incase you dont understand what they talk, read the subtitle given below and watch the video again..


Cindy: Okay Mr.Danton I will give you an hour. When do you want to meet?

Danton: How about early next week, say Monday or Tuesday?

Cindy: Let me see. I am tied up Monday and Tuesday. How is Wednesday?

Danton: I am sorry. Wednessday is the one day I can't. I got to be an Iowa for a tourism  conference

Cindy: Tourism in Iowa ? You are kidding. What is there to do in Iowa ?

Danton: Apparaetly quite a bit. We are considering bidding on a state project to promote the state as a tourist destination.

Cindy:Whats to see there? Coral Museum? Famous house?

Danton: Iowa has the potemtial to be a hot tourist spot; but nobody knows it. It should be an interesting challenge to change the public perception.

Cindy: Okay. Wednesday you are in Iowa . I am busy allday thursday and I am leaving the country friday. I will be in Spain all the next week

Danton: That sounds like a nice vacation

Cindy: I hope so. I am staying at a friend's Villa on the coast of Spain

Danton: How about getting together the Monday you get back.

Cindy: Lets see. That would be the 27th right?

Danton: Yes. I am free all day

Cindy: Thats no good either. How about the next day the 28th?

Danton: Thats fine. How about 10AM?

Cindy: Good. And you promise it will only take an hour

Danton: Sixty minutes maximum. You have my guarantee.

Cindy: Great. I will see you then. It is nice to meet you Mr.Danton.

Danton: It is nice to meet you Miss.Matts. I hope you have a good time in Spain

Cindy: May you have as much fun in Iowa. Good bye.

Danton:Good bye.


  1. Thank you for the visual aid. :-)

  2. Very nice and useful video thank u

  3. Well noted Miss

    English naama India vila pesara mathiri pesa coodathaa ;ippadi thaan pesanumaa

  4. very nice வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

  5. Thank you தியாவின் பேனா

  6. Welcome priya.
    இப்படி பேசினா நல்லா இருக்கும். வெளிநாட்டில் வேலை பார்க்க அவங்க மாதிரியே பேசினா தான் அவங்களுக்கு புரியும்.

  7. இப்படி பேசினால் தான் ஆங்கிலமா? நம்முடைய style-லில் பேசினால் அது ஆங்கிலமாகாதோ... :)

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  9. Sry i can't able to see any videos mam