Monday, 16 August 2010


Choose the answer which best expresses the meaning of the given word

  1. Eager

    a. Clever     b. Enthusiastic
    c. Curious    d. Devoted

  2. Implicate

    a. Include     b. Entreat
    c. Suggest    d. Imply

  3. Diligent

    a. Inteligent     b. Difficult
    c. Laborious    d. Quick

  4. Placid

    a. Clear     b. Calm
    c. Enjoyable    d. Dull

  5. Commemorate

    a. Boast     b. Remember
    c. Manipulate    d. Harmonise

  6. Deify

    a. Face     b. Worship
    c. flatter    d. Challange

  7. Amenities

    a. Pageantries     b. Privileges
    c. Facilities    d. Courtesies

  8. Disparity

    a. Injustice     b. Unlikeness
    c. Partiality    d. Distortion

  9. Barbarian

    a. Arrogant     b. Impolite
    c. Uncivilised    d. Unkind

  10. Lethal

    a. Unlawful     b. Deadly
    c. Sluggish    d. Smooth

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  1. விடை கொடுங்கலைங்க, எனக்கு ஒன்னும் தெரியலைங்களே!